a cup of holiday cheer, please.

GUESS WHAT IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME! I’m not much of a holiday enthusiast, but for those of you who are, I thought I’d give you a few gift ideas for your coffee obsessed loved ones (or the ones you don’t know so well, but who doesn’t like coffee). Perhaps you can quietly replace their bad choices with better ones, like when my family gives me clothes that didn’t come from a thrift store. Quietly we say, “Please, take this. Wear it so people won’t think you’re homeless.” In the same way we can replace our loved ones Flavor Sealed cans and Starbucks gift cards with what is better. That’s what the holidays are all about, after all. Love. It’s all love.

Does your beloved caffeine addict love home brewing, but lacks the appropriate equipment? If you really love them a lot and are looking to spend some cash, I suggest getting them a good grinder. A good, quality grinder is the key to a good home brew. Now, if they’re going to grind their Maxwell House, just get them a cheap blade grinder and they won’t know the difference. But if you want to get them something that will set them on the next level, here are a few cool burr grinders to consider:

Hand grinders are a great place to start. I found this Cuissential Manual Grinder on Amazon to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

 hand grinder

The only downside to a manual grinder is the inconsistent grind size. If you’re moving between brew methods, it’s sometimes difficult to get it right. They’re less expensive than larger electric grinders and are usually much easier to clean. If you’re feeling extraordinarily generous this season, take a look at Baratza, Bodum, or Mazzer. Basically, be sure to do your homework before you spend $100 on a Mr. Coffee grinder when you could spend $150 on a Baratza Encore.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is a fresh Chemex. However, Chemexes are harder to make than I realized. You can’t just dump hot water into them like you can with a French Press. There is a technique that you can get wrong in front of a large group of people (and by you I mean me and it was embarrassing). That’s why I love the Clever Coffee Dripper. It’s got the clean finish of a Chemex and the controlled extraction of a French Press. They’re inexpensive and easy to use and just plain COOL.

You could always just pick up a bag of coffee from your favorite coffee shop, divide it up in little mason jars, write a cute note, and win the stocking stuffer award of the year. (If that’s not already on Pinterest, it should be.) Gift cards are also an excellent way to force your loved ones to spend money where you want them to. If you don’t mind adding a little note about not forgetting to tip the barista on the card, I will send you a personal thank you card.

Other ideas include warm socks, ridiculous coffee table books, decorative place settings, etc. I hear Kay Jewelers has some ideas, if none of these work out. Supposedly they guarantee to begin to spell “kiss” correctly every time. That’s quality.



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