the funny thing about Pinterest.

Last week I had a writing assignment that required me to make a Pinterest board. I have always avoided Pinterest for a few reasons, the most serious being that it isn’t hard for me to get distracted. By that I mean, I can spend countless hours browsing Amazon or clicking on every buzzfeed article I see. And then there’s The Oatmeal which has consumed an embarrassing number of hours of my life (but seriously, the minor differences comic makes me laugh-weep every single time I read it). Basically, I really don’t need help finding distractions.

So the assignment was to make a Pinterest board for a character about whom I was to write a story. Not knowing how to navigate the site, I started pinning things like castles and fly fishing equipment just because it was fun. Then I found boards about fitness and obviously I want to be ripped and I find diagrams amusing so I searched those for a while. At this point I realized that I had strayed pretty far from the character I was supposed to be writing about (who, interestingly, displayed a varied interest in medieval castles, homes in Montana, Spanish culture and kitchenware). I decided that rather than returning to my assignment, I should see if Pinterest had any good latte art videos or tutorials. My first search revealed a disappointing collage of caffeine addiction and an alarming amount of whipped cream. There were hundreds of photos saying things like “I don’t perk until my coffee does,””My blood type is coffee,” “Coffee doesn’t ask silly questions. Coffee understands.” and, my personal favorite:
My inner college kid relates to this image in a number of ways. In fact, after I saw this one, I started to substitute the word “coffee” for “beer” or “booze” and the whole thing became very sad.

I kept searching and found some really cool stuff! I didn’t find as many pour tutorials as I had hoped, but I did find a ton of pictures from shops around the country. I’m developing a sort of “to visit” list and its always good to find new places. There were several really funny “what your coffee says about you” photos which I would love to have displayed somewhere to shame people out of ordering 16 oz. nonfat cappuccinos. I think my favorite (also the creepiest) thing I found was a whole board dedicated to black and white photos of celebrities drinking coffee. It was weird, but George Clooney drinking coffee is not something I mind seeing.

You're welcome

You’re welcome

I shouldn’t have been surprised by Pinterest, really. The fact that each morning there is a line of droopy eyed adults stretching out the front door of Frothy is evidence of a community-wide addiction. The number of people that order 16 oz. drinks or ask for whipped cream (which we don’t have and I love it) should have prepared me for a website full of coffee/sugar obsession. I’m not upset about it, don’t get me wrong. Those droopy eyed adults are the reason I have a job! And if I had the technology or ability to hook up an IV drip of coffee for someone, I would certainly do it, but I would love to see our culture turn more toward the craft rather than the quantity.


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