what I talk about when I talk about coffee.*

I decided to use my inaugural post to tell you exactly what it is that I love about coffee.

For the most part, coffee isn’t an addiction for me. I don’t necessarily have to have half a pot of coffee in the mornings to be a functional part of society. It isn’t a need in a “give me caffeine or I’ll show you the meaning of hostility” kind of way. Images like this one:
7b6de9f0985157598c878a4ee4689c31appeal to me only because without caffeine, I can’t drink coffee (because let’s be honest, decaf is disgusting.) And without coffee, my routine is ruined. I love spending my morning on my oversized couch with my “Virginia is for lovers” or The National coffee mug and reading. Not a book for a class or my twitter feed, but a story I can lose myself in. It is my time for myself with my two favorite things. Not because when I’m finished with my coffee I feel like I could take on the Roadrunner in a leg race (being honest again, if you drink coffee in the mornings, you know your bowels would win that race before your legs could), but because I just love it.

Also my job is awesome. Cleaning toilets, sweeping up muffin crumbs left by a herd of toddlers, and running bacon laden plates isn’t necessarily glamorous. Neither is the chocolate syrup that is almost constantly covering my left elbow or the light brown stain on the right hip of all of my jeans. It’s more of the feeling when there are a hundred thousand drinks on the bar, but then someone picks up their drink pulls out their phone to take a picture or returns after finishing their drink to tell me how much they loved it. Or remembering a regular’s drink and asking where they found that awesome denim shirt. Dialing in shots so that they’re perfectly balanced is like winning a chess match between the grinder and my taste buds. More than all of these things, I think I love the coffee business because after six years as a barista, I’m still excited to step behind the bar at Frothy Monkey. Every shot is a new challenge and every cup is a work of art.

So, I guess that’s it for now. There is so much more to come.


*title inspired by Haruki Murakami‘s memoir What I Talk About When I Talk About Running 


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